Home Service Plus proudly provides AC unit installation and replacement services for folks throughout Winnipeg. We offer you the greatest selection of highly efficient, name-brand air conditioning systems on the market. When your AC system becomes outdated and needs a replacement, the AC technicians here at Home Service Plus can provide you with a 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed installation.

Climate conditions throughout Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba are extreme. Our winter weather, which can dip below negative 30 degrees Celsius, is in sharp contrast to our summer weather, sometimes exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. High humidity makes summer conditions even more unpleasant. That’s why air conditioning is a must for homeowners in the region. Aside from cool, comfortable air, a new air conditioning system also cleans the air in your home. Plus, because a new unit’s modern, high-efficiency compressor will be located outside, there’s little noise when the AC kicks on.

We’re proud to offer high-efficiency air conditioning systems that will help reduce your monthly electric bills while improving the comfort of your home. We know that an AC unit replacement can be a big investment, and that is why we’re sure to get it right the first time. If you’re ready to install a new AC unit, we’re here to keep you cool — give us a call to get started! You can also continue reading to learn more about signs that you need a new AC unit, the current freon phase-out, and our 24/7 emergency AC services.