HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prevent Costly Repairs

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HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prevent Costly Repairs

Repairs for your heating and ventilation systems are something that can have an impact on your wallet. Even small adjustments can set you back quite a bit financially. At Home Service Plus, we make it our goal to make sure that all of our customers are informed about their HVAC systems, know how to keep them functioning properly, and will help them avoid potentially expensive repairs that may be necessary in the future if proper measures aren’t taken. Learn more about how to prevent costly maintenance in the future by learning how to care for your personal HVAC system from the experienced team at Homes Service Plus below in order to avoid spending too much money on repairs in the future below. You can also contact our company with any questions that you may have about your HVAC units so that you can avoid spending a lot of money on replacement parts and maintenance services that you might not need. Our expert team can assist if you find yourself facing issues with your unit and can lend assistance if you find yourself facing a pressing situation that you can’t handle on your own. Reach out to Home Service Plus in Winnipeg for help from our team today!

HVAC specialist working on an AC unit

Keep Up With Maintenance

If problem prevention is your goal when it comes to your HVAC system, then consistent maintenance is what you should focus on. The key to getting the most out of your air conditioning and heating is ensuring that you inspect and maintain it on a regular basis. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to these units, so it is a good idea to hire a professional home repair service to inspect them when the time comes. Technicians will be able to spot problems that you might have overlooked and fix them before they damage your unit and shut down your system. Home Service Plus recommends that you have inspections and maintenance performed on a bi-annual basis. If it has been a while since someone has taken a look at your HVAC system, get in touch with our team in Winnipeg now.

Closeup of an HVAC filter

Replace Your Filters

There is one task that homeowners can perform in regard to maintaining their air conditioning and heating system that doesn’t necessarily require expert hands. You should replace the filters in your system on a monthly basis. These are crucial when it comes to the health of your HVAC system and the quality of the air that flows through your home. If filters get clogged or are too dirty, it can put additional strain on motors. They have to work harder in order to produce consistent airflow if there is too much buildup. This, of course, can significantly impact the lifespan of your system and avoid a decrease in your air quality. Filters are generally inexpensive and, fortunately, easy to install. Changing air filters each month can save you time and money in repairs down the line. Make it a part of your routine and you will be thankful!

Exterior HVAC unit

Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

One thing that homeowners and businesses don’t often think about is the importance of maintaining the health of their outdoor units. Many of these are built to be durable when it comes to exposure to the elements, but they are still fallible. Make sure that the foliage in the area is maintained and generally kept separate from the exterior unit. You should also remove any and all debris from the space. Doing these two simple things on a regular basis will help prevent clogs that can take a hefty toll on your system. It is also a good idea to check for snow or ice buildup in the colder months to reduce stress on your HVAC system. Another good idea is to regularly clean the unit itself with a water hose — just make sure that you cut off the power supply before you do this. Take good care of your external unit and it will take care of you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Home Service Plus in Winnipeg. We have the answers you need.

Man adjusting a home thermostat

Monitor Your HVAC System

As with any part of your home or business, it is a good idea to keep a close eye out for any potential problems. If you notice that the air quality in your home is in decline or that you can’t seem to maintain a consistent temperature in your space, you should contact a professional immediately. While not every little problem calls for the intervention of an expert technician, staying aware of any and all oddities that you notice with your HVAC system can help you know when it is time to call in someone with experience in maintenance and repairs.

Pink house insulation

High-Quality Insulation

Installing high-quality insulation in your residential or commercial space is a great way to take the stress off of your HVAC system and reduce the need for costly repairs. Ideally, insulation will keep your space cool in the summer and warm in the cold winter months without requiring the use of electricity or consistent maintenance. Air conditioning systems and insulation work in tandem in order to keep your home temperature right where you want it to be at all times of the year. We highly recommend hiring a professional service for this installation, as there are potential health hazards associated with the materials that are required for the job that include respiratory problems and even cancer. Don’t take the risk — call the experts for this kind of work.

A duct cleaning tube inserted into a floor air duct

Maintain Your Ducts

Are you currently experiencing an excess of dust in your home? Does your energy bill seem higher than it normally should be? Do you have general issues with keeping your space warm or cold? Your air ducts might be the source of some of these problems. There are a number of reasons that your ducts can be causing issues with your air conditioning system. One common problem is that the ducts might be leaking. This can be due to general wear and tear or even things like small animals getting in and interfering with your system. Cleaning and maintenance is, once again, the best method to avoid expensive HVAC repair services.

Your HVAC system is an integral aspect of your home or office space. When units break down or need to be replaced, the bill can get high very quickly. Taking simple measures to maintain your system on a regular schedule is the absolute best way to avoid extensive repair fees. Do your future self a favor and follow some of these steps to ensure that you get the most out of your air conditioning system. If you do find yourself in need of HVAC services in Winnipeg, the team at Home Service Plus is always here to help. Reach out today for more information!

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