Our furnace installation services are available 24/7.

Though it can cost you more money up front, if you buy a new furnace, chances are that you will save more money in the long run. Getting your 10- to 15-year old furnace fixed over and over will only cost you more in repairs and maintenance, let alone energy costs. Installing a new, Energy Star™ high-efficiency furnace can lower your heating cost by up to 40 percent and use less electricity throughout the day. If you’re considering a new unit, it’s best to hire a professional furnace technician — after all, 75 percent of your new heating systems efficiency is dependent on proper furnace installation, as well as selecting the correct furnace size for you home.

When you realize that you need to get a new heating system in your home, give us a call. We will then dispatch a Sales Consultant to your home to meet with you. Then, we will properly analyze the heating capabilities of your home, and discuss different options you have. We will only present you with the best replacement options available.

Home Service Plus offers quality service on all of our furnace installations and repairs. Call us today for a free in-home estimate.

Below we’ve listed the items that will be completed at the time of your furnace install:

  • Supplying and installing your choice of furnace from the quoted price list and in accordance to all local codes.
  • Performing necessary duct fabrication and installation to reconnect supply and return air ducts.
  • Installing a 4-inch High-Efficiency Filtration system.
  • Reconnecting the chimney to your gas hot water tank.
  • Installing a two-pipe, PVC chimney system, complete with a termination kit to an exterior wall.
  • Installing a condensation pump to accommodate drainage requirements.
  • Reconnecting gas to the new furnace, testing for leaks, and ensuring proper pressure.
  • Reconnecting electrical components to the new furnace.
  • As per code, installing or making modifications to fresh air intake.
  • Installing a new thermostat to match the system of your choice.
  • Removing and disposing of the old furnace and all debris.
  • Using protective floor coverings and/or shoe covers to protect your home throughout the duration of the project.
  • Performing start-up and test procedures to ensure the optimum performance of new equipment.
  • Processing all manufacturers’ warranties.
  • Obtaining a local permit and inspection.
  • Going over the system with you and getting your approval.