What Is the Difference Between Planned and Scheduled Maintenance?

What Is the Difference Between Planned and Scheduled Maintenance?

The lifespan of the average air conditioner in Winnipeg is 15 to 20 years. This life cycle depends on a few factors including how often the unit was maintained, the quality of the equipment, as well as the quality of the initial installation. Maintenance is an important part of caring for any appliance in your home, as this can prolong the equipment’s life while increasing its energy efficiency and saving you big on costly repairs. That said, when it comes to the HVAC industry, there tend to be two kinds of maintenance - Planned and scheduled. In the following blog, we at Home Service Plus Heating & Cooling will guide you through the differences between planned and scheduled maintenance, and why we believe planned is the better way to go! Visit us online or contact us today for more!

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What is Planned Maintenance?

Planned maintenance is a service(s) that is scheduled and agreed upon to be carried out on your air conditioner over a specific period of time, for example, a year. This means that over the next 12 months, your unit already has set dates for when it will be looked at to ensure that all parts are functioning properly, that anything requiring repairs is dealt with, and to make sure that required parts are replaced. An ac maintenance plan essentially prevents any random issue from occurring with your unit down the line, as everything would have already been previously inspected, repaired, or replaced. As a homeowner, it is merely impossible to know when your unit will begin to fail, as a number of the components can suddenly lose functionality leaving you without cold air during these hot Winnipeg months. Best of all, planned maintenance can often be the cheaper option as there will be no need for emergency services that are often a bit pricier than planned maintenance.

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What is Scheduled Maintenance?

Scheduled maintenance has to do with fixing issues only once they occur. This can also be called reactive or breakdown maintenance. The term stems from the need to schedule a maintenance service to deal with the issues that occurred, as opposed to the AC unit already being looked at during a planned appointment. This form of maintenance essentially leaves things to faith, as you pray that nothing will go wrong with your air conditioning system. It leaves you with no control of the situation, as you are not likely to know when an issue will occur as you are forced to react only once it has already happened.

Whether it is a home or business, scheduled maintenance can be costly, as unforeseen issues tend to revolve around important equipment or parts that help your ac unit work efficiently. These parts, unfortunately, tend to be the costly aspects of maintenance and the last thing you want is to be suddenly hit with a large bill due to needed repairs or replacements. It is always better to know what to expect down the road than to be left in the dirt with sudden problems and headaches!

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Why Planned Maintenance is Better

At Home Service Plus Heating & Cooling, we believe that an air conditioner maintenance plan is the better route to take when it comes to maintaining a well-functioning unit. Planned maintenance simply gives you a better idea of what you should expect when it comes to AC repairs or replacements, as you do not want to be dealing with issues in real-time. Reacting to issues, over preventing them, will only cause you stress and headaches as you will be left without the cool air you need for a comfortable home. Not only that but scheduling an appointment may possibly leave you without an air conditioner for a while, depending on how booked your service provider is and whether or not they offer emergency services. Luckily, if you do choose to wait for issues to occur, we at Home Service Plus Heating & Cooling offer 24/7 emergency service and repairs for the convenience of all homeowners in Winnipeg!

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Take Advantage of Our Maintenance Plans

With Home Service Plus, you can choose a maintenance plan that best suits your needs. We let you decide how often you would like one of our professionals to take a look at your ac unit or furnace, whether it is once or twice a year. Our goal is to help you maintain well-functioning equipment that lasts for years to come!

Our cooling maintenance plans include the following services:

  • Evaporator coil inspection (if accessible)

  • Checking primary and secondary drains

  • Adjusting and cleaning blower components

  • Cleaning and checking the condenser coil

  • Lubricating all moving parts (where applicable)

  • Checking and tightening all loose electrical connections

  • Checking operating pressures for a proper refrigerant charge

  • Monitoring voltage and amperage draw on all motors

  • Cleaning and checking the thermostat

  • Monitoring the air conditioning cycle

  • Making recommendations for improvement

If you are a homeowner in Winnipeg that likes to know of potential problems and required repairs or replacements ahead of time, it would be best to take part in our AC maintenance plan. Our plans let you stay in control of your ac unit as there will be no sudden surprises down the road. At Home Service Plus Heating & Cooling, we strive to provide the best HVAC services to anyone in Winnipeg! We offer 24/7 service so contact us whenever you need assistance.