Where Do Most Freon Leaks Occur?

Where Do Most Freon Leaks Occur?

During the summer, when you're trying to stay cool, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down. Unfortunately, air conditioners don't last forever and eventually, they will need to be repaired or replaced. One of the most common problems with air conditioners is a Freon leak. Freon is the coolant that helps remove heat from the air inside your home. When this happens, you'll want to call Home Service Plus in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our team of experts will be able to provide top-notch air conditioner repair services so that you can stay cool all summer long!

If the Freon leak is left unchecked, it can cause serious damage to your AC unit. So, if you think you may have a Freon leak, it's important to call a professional AC repair service like Home Service Plus right away. Call us today for 24/7 emergency services or to schedule your AC maintenance plans!

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Evaporator Coil

While it's possible for a leak to occur in any part of the air conditioner, the vast majority of leaks happen in the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is located inside the air handler or furnace. It consists of a series of copper tubes that are filled with Freon. Over time, these tubes can develop leaks. If you notice that your air conditioner isn't cooling your home as well as it used to, it's possible that you have a leak in the evaporator coil. When you're in need of AC repair in Winnipeg, turn to the experts at Home Service Plus. We can easily identify and repair leaks in the evaporator coil so that your air conditioner is running like new again! Additionally, when you schedule regular maintenance by choosing one of our AC maintenance plans, you can always have peace of mind your AC is always performing at its best.

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Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is located outside of your home, usually on the ground or on a concrete pad. It's easy to spot because it looks like a large radiator. The condenser coil helps remove heat from the Freon so that it can be cooled and reused. Over time, the condenser coil can develop leaks due to corrosion. It's important to always have your AC unit serviced regularly by a professional to ensure that the coils are in good condition and there are no leaks. However, in times when you do need AC repair in Winnipeg, Home Service Plus is here to help! We have the knowledge and experience to quickly and efficiently repair any leaks in the condenser coil. Plus, our 24/7 emergency services mean that we can help you anytime, day or night! Our team will be there to help you when you need us the most!

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Suction Line Dryer

The suction line dryer is located between the evaporator coil and the compressor. It's a small, cylindrical device that helps remove any moisture from the Freon before it enters the compressor. Over time, the suction line dryer can become blocked with debris or dirt, which can cause it to leak. Only AC repair services should attempt to clean or replace the suction line dryer since it's a delicate process. Home Service Plus is Winnipeg's trusted AC repair company and we have the experience and expertise to properly clean or replace your suction line dryer with ease. We advise that you call us as soon as you notice any leaking so that we can prevent further damage to your AC unit.

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The accumulator works to protect the other parts of your air conditioner, almost like a safety device. This cylindrical part is used as a filter for the AC system. It will trap liquids and any debris before it gets to the other parts of your air conditioner. If your accumulator is failing, it will have trouble removing liquid refrigerant from entering the AC system, which will cause the liquid to damage other parts. It's important to notice the signs of a failing accumulator so you can get it replaced before it causes further damage. This includes foul odor as well as a rise in temperature in your home.

If your accumulator does need to be replaced, don't worry, the team at Home Service Plus is available 24/7 to help. We understand that air conditioner problems can happen at any time, which is why we offer emergency AC repair services. Contact our team today!

A Freon leak from your AC system is a serious problem that needs to be fixed right away. If the Freon leak is left unchecked, it can cause irreparable damage to your AC unit. Common signs that Freon is leaking include:

  • Your energy bill is increasing

  • You experience foul odors

  • When you go outside, you notice there is ice on your evaporator coil or puddles of liquid underneath it

  • You hear hissing or gurgling noises coming from your AC unit

  • Your home is not cooling well

When you notice any of these signs, it's important to call a professional AC repair service like Home Service Plus in Winnipeg. Our team of experts is available 24/7 and can help you fix your Freon leak quickly and efficiently at any time. We'll be there when you need us! Contact us today for all your air conditioner repair needs or if you want to start an AC maintenance plan to ensure your system stays in check all year round!