1. Signs Your Furnace Is Failing

    Signs That Your Furnace Is Failing

    If you have a failing furnace, then you have an emergency on your hands. As we all know, the winters here in Winnipeg can be brutal, and you rely on your furnace to ensure that your home isn’t just comfortable, but it’s also safe for you and your family. That said, furnaces do fail from time to time, and it is inevitable that your furnace will require repairs or a full replacement at some poin…Read More

  2. Tips to Keep Your House Warm

    5 Easy Tips For Keeping Your House Warm With Less Energy

    During the cold winter months, it is easy to wind up with an energy bill that’s through the roof. If you have been noticing a spike in your energy costs this winter, it might be time to implement a few extra methods for lowering these costs. Cutting down on energy usage doesn’t need to be terribly difficult. As your experts in furnace services in Winnipeg, we have helped countless families in …Read More

  3. The Value of Duct Cleaning

    The Value of Air Duct Cleaning

    Are you on the fence about duct cleaning for your home? Do you find it hard to decide if it’s worth the cost? We assure you, the benefits of duct cleaning are numerous, and the value you’ll receive from improved air quality is well worth the cost, especially when you opt for affordable air duct cleaning services from Home Service Plus. Here at Home Service Plus, we offer competitive rates on o…Read More

  4. Signs It's Time for a New Furnace

    Tell-Tale Signs That It’s Time For A New Furnace

    Perhaps one night, in the middle of a freezing cold snap, you wake up shivering, wondering why your heat won’t kick on. Nothing is worse than a failed furnace in the dead of winter, particularly if it happens at a late hour. Here at Home Service Plus, we are experts in furnace services in Winnipeg. We have helped countless members of our local community when their furnace fails. While we are alw…Read More